We know the business nowadays is all about discounts. You can sell you services at very high prices still, but you need to offer these bullshit 50%/75%/99% discounts, so clients think they got a deal of a lifetime. As you can see I'm bitching about this a little too much and I have to apologize. My today's client is Carmen and she's been struggling with credit card usage. You know the chicks, they are on shopping frenzy with your CC until it reaches its limit. Anyway, she had a fight about it with her mother and I offered her a special discount massage. Guess what was this one little thing she had to do in order to get it.

Hey, We've Got A Great Discount Deal!

Added: 2014-10-09Starring: Eric Masterson, Carmen Caliente

"Sucking a dick for 100% discount is fair deal!"

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