You think having a smoking hot blonde girlfriend is a blessing? Think again. Eric, our massage guy you know from many previous episodes is trying to get rid of one of these. Why? Because she's pretty fucking crazy! She tells she loves him all the time, next thing she's trying to move into your place and before you know you are married to her. No fucking way. He asks his SPA friend for help. They are staying in Vegas and Eric tells his GF Cherry that his pal Ryan is bummed out and need some cheering up. Of course she will do anything for her lover and helping his friend is a total yes. She didn't know that's part of the plan of catching her cheating and busting her ass!

Getting Rid Of Cheating Bimbo!

Added: 2014-06-09 Starring: Cherry Morgan, Ryan McLane

"Some girlfriends are really bat-shit crazy..."

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