One thing I totally hate about my clients is them talking on the phone while I'm rubbing their bodies. As it seems, my today's client Daisy Haze is the one. She wouldn't even think about visiting our little spa, if it wasn't for her BF, who gave her the ticket as a some kind of gift. Ha! So this chick is on the phone with him all the time and I ask WTF is this. She explains that her BF is very overprotective and check her out 24/7. She told me she lost her temper becasues of that, and back in the days she was a party girl. I thought, well if you want a party we will have one! Seducing her was a piece of cake and once her BF called her again and I was in the middle of eating her pussy, she knew it would be our dirty secret!

I Don't Really Care About Your BF!

Added: 2014-02-20Starring: Eric Masterson, Daisy Haze

"Enjoy your freemdom with me!"

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