Ah nothing like meeting old job friends and especially when they are as hot as they were last time you saw them! This is the deal with my old female friend Holly that wanted some massage from me. I guess she didn't heard the word on the streets what kind of parlor we run, so I was more than happy to serve here. I had my thing with her in the old times and she used that to ask me to get her a job as masseuse. This was a prefect excuse to get a reminder of how nice her body was back then. Her willingness surprised me, she had no problem sucking my dick and getting banged, but one thing she didn't know is we don't exactly hire females.

Old Female Friend Asked Me For A Job

Added: 2014-09-30 Starring: Steven St. Croix, Holly Heart

"I fucked her over 9 years ago and I have today!"

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