This cute petite chick Jordana came over for a massage and you know that there is this kind of chicks that can't keep their mouth shut while being treated on the table. Jordana is this type, she just couldn't stop talking about how she's trying to presuade her professor to raise her grades. I was totally tired of this and decided to BS her into some action. I told that I know the man personally and I actually could put in a good word for her, but well... nothing in this world is free, so maybe a quick BJ would help the case. She was on my dick in no time but if she thought it's going to be a gentle BJ, she was wrong. I actually wanted to DEEP throat her.

Working For Her Grades The Hard Way

Added: 2014-10-28Starring: Eric Masterson, Jordana Heat

"I can put in a good word for you if you blow me!"

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