Doing any kind of business these days requires a lot of skill. And when you are trying to pawn some homemade oil that basically stinks, you better sell yourself like you never have before if you want to buy me. Mia Li, today's client of our spa came for a rub down and that was just an excuse for her try to sell us some of her massage oil. I told her that I can use it on her for testing and tell her what I think. At this point you can how it went. I ran my hands right in her inner thighs, making her aware of what I need in return for the deal and she being the business woman knew what she needs to do. Flash forwards she's on my cock, another flash forward and I'm fucking her like a professional bussines guy would!

The Art Of Selling Herself!

Added: 2014-01-21Starring: Ryan McLane, Mia Li

"Now this is the bussines woman I dig!"

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