Living with her father in Law, Natalia Heart joins Steven St. Croix at the kitchen table and discuss how married life is. Natalia has no complaints about her Father in Law's son but Steven would like to know if she is satisfied in the bedroom. Natalia makes it clear that she is, but Steven is insistent that being an older man means a lot knowledge in the bed and if she ever felt unsatisfied, he would be there to fulfill her needs. Natalie reassures Steven that she doesn't need anything from him, especially sex. Steven takes this to heart and walks away. Natalia feeling bad for acting like a bitch apologizes to Steven and the least she can do is give him a massage...and maybe more! Let's find out if this Father in Law gets his way with her!

My Frisky Daughter In-Law

Added: 2015-07-01 Starring: Natalia Heart, Steven St. Croix

"Way Of Saying Sorry To Her Father-in-Law!"

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