Someone explain me what is the deal with college girls these days. Paisley, my stepdaugher, visits the spa today and she tells me that she did something to her thighs in school and she desperately needs a rub down. At this point I didn't expect to anything bad happen but once she started flirting with me and telling me how much her BF sucks I knew something is brewing in the air. When she asked me to massage her tits it started to get awkward but when she grabbed my cock while doing so, it became embarassing. Up until the point she took it into her mouth and we basically fucked. Well I can't say this college pussy felt wrong, it was so fucking juicy and I came all over her pretty body!

Stepdaughters These Days...

Added: 2014-01-14Starring: Eric Masterson, Paisley Parker

"Nobody can know about this!"

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