No easier prey in my work that divorcing or heart-broken girl. When Veronica came into the parlor today I felt that this one will be impossible to trick or easier than ever to fuck. Guess which happened! So I laid her down on the table and started with the simple chit chat bullshit only to get a green light from her. She told me she's in the middle of divorce! Right after she basically told me to throw the towel away and here she was - laying down totally naked. It was a second before I started to massage her tits and fingering her holes. But when I went down on her and she started squrting all over the place I knew I'm the guy to finally please her!

A Way To Deal With Divorce

Added: 2014-01-07Starring: Veronica Avluv, Steven St. Croix

"Nothing better (and easier) than divorcing MILF!"

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